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University of Dubrovnik
Institute for Marine and Coastal Research

Kneza Damjana Jude 12, POBox 83
HR - 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia
Tel. +385 20 32 39 78
Fax: +385 20 32 38 72
Nenad Jasprica, PhD, Director,
e-mail: nenad.jasprica@unidu.hr
Gordana Perak, Secretary
e-mail: gordana.perak@unidu.hr

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ids 2008 International Diatom Symposium Dubrovnik


The activities of the Institute are basic and concern the research of natural features in the Adriatic Sea and its coastline, particularly research into the structure and processes of ecosystems, use and interpretation of scientific information for the benefit of developing and furthering the cooperation of research scientists with similar institutes and scientific groups both nationally and abroad, education and cultural activity, as well as the provision of professional services to interested users. The Institute, in accordance with scientific progress and economic opportunities, also develops other activities, such as: monitoring living marine and land resources, monitoring sea quality, experimental rearing of plant and animal species with the aim of acquiring fundamental knowledge and studying the various stages of natural processes, maintenance and popularization of aquariums, maintenance and popularization of the Botanical Garden on Lokrum, formation of scientific and expert collections, as well as the organization of courses and lectures that reflect on the Institute?s fundamental activities. The Institute has the approval of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction of the Republic of Croatia for carrying out environmental protection work: elaboration of environmental studies, elaboration of expert studies, and monitoring work.

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