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University of Dubrovnik
Institute for Marine and Coastal Research

Kneza Damjana Jude 12, POBox 83
HR - 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia
Tel. +385 20 32 39 78
Fax: +385 20 32 38 72
Nenad Jasprica, PhD, Director,
e-mail: nenad.jasprica@unidu.hr
Gordana Perak, Secretary
e-mail: gordana.perak@unidu.hr

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ids 2008 International Diatom Symposium Dubrovnik


Project Croatian Science Foundation (HRZZ, 2945) : "Influence of thermohaline circulation variations in the Eastern Mediterranean on the plankton community of the South Adriatic: ecological and genetical approach (AdriaMedPLan)". Project's leader: Mirna Batistić, PhD; Collaborators: Nenad Jasprica, Davor, Lučić, Marijana Miloslavić, Jakica Njire, Marijeta Čalić, Enis Hrustić, Stijepo Ljubimir, ...   

Diatoms on Caulerpa taxifolia

Taxonomic composition of benthic diatom assemblages (Bacillariophyceae) from areas affected by invasive macroalgae Caulerpa taxifolia (Wahl). Project's leader: Ana Car, PhD; Financed by Polski Narodowe Centrum Nauki; Duration: 2013 - 2015. ...   

Eurofleets 2: ESAW

Eurofleets 2: ESAW „Evolution and spreading of the Southern Adriatic Waters“. Project's leader: Vedrana Kovačević, Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale, Trieste, Italy. Collaborators: Mirna Batistić, Nenad Jasprica, Iris Dupčić Radić, Rade Garić (2015-2017). Link: http://www.eurofleets.eu/np4/479.html ...   

EU/IPA project JASPPer

EU/IPA project JASPPer; Coordinator: Enis Hrustić; Collaborator: Iris Dupčić, expert in chemistry. The project is completed by 30.4.2015. ...   

CoRE project

CoRE project: IPA Cross-border programme - Croatia-Montenegro: “Cross border joint research and awareness raising action in detecting environmental conditions. Establishing higher safety and protection measures of maritime domain parts (emphasis on coast) of Croatia and Montenegro " CoR under the instrument for pre-accession assistance (2015-2017)“. Coordinator: Nikša Glavić; Coll ...   

Monitoring in the Mali Ston Bay

Monitoring in the Mali Ston Bay (from 2010 - till now): Financed by Durovnik-Neretva County. Project's leader: Valter Kožul; Collaborators: Nenad Jasprica, Davor Lučić, Mirna Batistić, Jakica Njire, Iris Dupčić Radić, Rade Garić. ...   

Project Croatian Science Foundation (HRZZ, 6433)

Project Croatian Science Foundation (HRZZ, 6433): 'Bio-tracing Adriatic water masses (BIOTA)'. Project's leader: Zrinka Ljubešić; Collaborator: Iris Dupčić Radić. Link: https://www.pmf.unizg.hr/bz/biota ...   

Eurooceans Integration Project 2007 Impact of Global Changes on the Dynamic of Carnivorous Gelatinous Plankton in Mediteranean Pelagic Ecosystems

N. D. Yahia (Tunisia)- Project Manager ...   

Marine lakes as natural laboratories of evolution

K. Peijnenburg, Dublin (Ireland)- Project Manager ...   

Scientific Project (Scientific Project Manager Prof Dr Adam Benović) Interaction Between Biocenoses in Open Water and Coastal Systems of the Adriatic Sea

The biological and ecological characteristics of the South Adriatic Sea impact specific quality of the ecosystems in the entire Adriatic because coastal areas of the South Adriatic are entirely surrounded by the deep oligotrophic water that flows from the Ionian Sea along eastern Adriatic coast. Former data did not adequately encompass interactions between biocenoses in the south and their resulta ...   

Project Jadran

(Project "Jadran" www.izor.hr/jadran) ...   

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